Monday, January 11, 2010

PeTA's 2009 reel

I think PeTA does a whole lot of good, they make mistakes, sometimes big ones. OK so we'll look past that for a moment, Because they are fierce for their cause and they usually get done whatever it is they are trying to do. And at the very least they will get attention for their causes. A wise man once said "Any ink is good ink", and while this may not always be true, it has certainly worked to their benefit.

A few years ago I had the chance pleasure to meet Ingrid Newkirk (the leader of PeTA) via my old friend Russell. Being Vegan myself for over 20 years i had a leg up on many of her associates, so i certainly was not intimidated by her and the entourage, particularly when i took them to task on one of their campaigns i had a problem with, much to my surprise they graciously accepted and even agreed with my critique saying "we never heard it put that way before"... So with that I can say, with a personal experience they do seem to be human, (although it seems many, if not most, of them are ashamed to be). That said, just like Whole Foods, I do appreciate them being here, and they have certainly done a lot of good.

So here's their 2009 "reel" that shows you a lot of what they did or attention they got in the media by being the relentless people they are.

Disclosure notice: I was interviewed by their PeTA 2 website a few years ago.

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