Monday, January 18, 2010

Skateboarding in my life today...

Sometime early this afternoon I hear from Jeff Ho and C.R. Stecyk III, both tell me there is going to be a photo session down at Bicknell Hill on the beach beside the Bay Street parking lot here in Santa Monica (where the original Z-Boys used to practice riding sometimes). The photographer is shooting for some HISTORY OF SKATEBOARDING book, i know nothing about. And they tell me they want me in the photo, with them or with a group or just with Craig, I am not sure, but as soon as I was done with the great vegan baby shower i was attending down in Venice, I would head over.

The rain storms that we have been warned about all week, are arriving a bit earlier than planned so they move the shoot over to the California Heritage Museum where there is currently the Evolution of Skateboard Art exhibit going on. As i am finishing my last bite of an incredible vegan cup cake, that was home made by the hosts, I get the call notifying me of the change of venue and that some of the original Z-Boy crew will also be in attendance. I'm there by 4pm, as reqested, and get to see the show for the 1st time, that exhibits (among other things) a few of my photos and a rare board that was custom made for me by Nathan Pratt back in 1977. I was impressed with the vast collection and all around quality of the display, the layout within this historical old building was pretty cool too.

Anyway, the folks start showing up, P.C., Muir, Dawson is always on time, Jeff Ho and a few of his current team, Nathan Pratt, Alan Sarlo, then Stecyk shows, then Cahill, then Peggy Oki!!!!! and last of the day but not least Jim Muir. All a total surprise to me. (Where's Stacy, Tony, Shogo, Biniak, Skip? Stecyk says their Gulfstream's were running late due to the storms - HA!) Then I'm asked to be in the group photo too, that was funny. They put me in Alva's place (as he was in the OG team shot) which i figured was kinda fair since he had been busted on one occasion signing MY name in a DogTown book. So as the photographer is setting up, i step out of place to take this one snap shot (below) with my waterproof point and shoot.

(L>R: Craig Stecyk, Jeff Ho, Nathan Pratt, Cris Dawson, Chris Cahill, Alan Sarlo, Jim Muir, and in front Peggy Oki and Paul Constantineau.)
A bit later, after lots of laughs, Stecyk and I posed for a separate shot too, I look forward to getting a copy.

I was actually planning on shooting today at the Venice skatepark, but got rained out. Yesterday the skating there really blew me away. There was an eight year old who reminded me exactly of a young Christian Hosoi, and some other shredders young and old (notably good old friend and Marina local, Pat Ngoho), all keeping it true to form in the new heart of DogTown, at the oasis of a skatepark, right there on the beach... Maybe after the storms we'll get a good session in there, I hope so.


Only related by the subject matter of skateboarding, this amazingly cool movie trailer brought to my attention a few minutes ago:

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