Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you still smoke or are under 30 and smoke, you're a fucking idiot.

This website collects dozens of anti-smoking campaigns from around the world. Fascinating to look at how the same brief can be approached again and again.

[Three of my favorites above]

from osocio
Social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe

Seriously, maybe you're not an idiot, but i feel sorry for you and anyone who has to be around you. It's dirty, it's un-healthy, and it's totally conservative to take a product from a major corporation and be proud that it's killing you. You're not a rebel, you're a sucker, and if you buy into any reason why you should be allowed to do this and it's against your civil liberties for anyone to keep you from doing this, then you really are an idiot.

I know people who have horribly debilitating injuries fro SECOND HAND SMOKE, and of course we all know people who have died from different cancers brought on or exacerbated by smoking, so what the fuck? I've NEVER done it and never will. I'm so happy i didn't get peer pressured into that. Those propaganda films i got in grade school also worked on me. As well, my father always told us, "if i ever see you or hear about you smoking i'll break your arms". They worked - i'm grateful.

I've always hated smoking. I can't imagine how much greater it would have been in the years when i used to go out almost every night of the week, how much later i would have stayed out or how many more shows i would have seen if the smoke in those little clubs didn't always make me so sick. You have NO IDEA how lucky you are if you still go out that you don't have to breath that shit every time you go out like we used to. Not to mention (as i have in this blog before i think) how people who still smoke litter the fucking streets as though cigarette butts biodegrade like leaves, it constantly bums me out, this little sign of selfishness repeating itself over and over in the street almost every step one takes, all the time, pigs!


  1. Excellent post - I've always been dismayed by the mindless blindspot that smokers seem to have about discarding their filthy butts wherever they wish.

  2. My personal anti-favorite is the people who are filling the planters in the courtyard of my building with their butts. Having all of the plants around was one of the things that drew me to renting here. Pigs is right.