Friday, August 6, 2010

Abbey Road - live camera

In April 1969, The Beatles came together to record their final album as a group and titled it 'Abbey Road.' This album became their best selling work and featured the now iconic image of the zebra crossing outside the studios on the front cover.

Well besides being my personal favorite Beatles album, the road crossing is the world's most famous pedestrian crosswalk. See live images from the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing. It's pretty cool especially at 4am GMT when i first tuned in, just another fucking street at night. The best quality 24 hour live camera i've ever seen on the net.

Thanks, Presurfer

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  1. That is oddly calming. A fat bloke sweeping the street at 6am.
    In the summer of '83 studio 2 was open to the public. All their instruments were set up as if they'd just left, and you could actually play them! It was really relaxed. A highlight of my yoof.