Monday, August 16, 2010

The FOX NEWS scam I discovered!

You're hearing it first here, at least as far as i know and i'd really appreciate it if some one forward this blog post to an investigative journalist who knows there shit. But as far as I can tell FOX news holding onto the ratings they have is a scam, in the truest sense.

Last week i was staying at a friends house out on Long Island, and to my dismay, every time we turned on a television set in any room in his huge house with huge flat screen TVs , FOX news came on, it was in fact the de-facto, default start up channel on each and every set!

I was disgusted and made a few calls to the cable operator, Cable Vision, iO, or Optimum, all the same company according to the technician who i eventually got on the line after calling 1-866-541-0548.

SO what i found out was that this cable company remotely rebooted all my friends TV's from their headquarters earlier in the year, and at that same time all customers got a new pre-set start up channel: motherfucking, racist, xenophobic, America hating, Obama Bashing piece of shit, FOX NEWS!

So what does this tell me, that either the owners of the cable provider are conservative assholes or FOX has paid them off and probably many other cable providers (did i forget to mention that this particular provider happens to be one of the largest in the country?) and this has helped them get those hard to believe high ratings for such disgusting programing (can't really be called "news"). Or at the very least so many more ignorant viewers. I believe this to be the case.

Now the fact is you can re-program each individual set top box to start up on any channel you like, but it's a bit of a pain, and takes several minutes for each individual set, if you could even figure it out.

Now how many people do you think actually go through the extra effort to adjust this? And how many do you think just end up leaving it on that channel because it was on already, pre-set by the cable provider?

Particularly after reading just the other day that Fox News viewership is mostly people over 65 years of age. This statistic alone is that which gives them the artificially inflated credibility with the Amerikkkan people they now seem to have, at least according to Fox and the idiots in the Tea Party.

Someone please look into this further, I feel there is a serious story here.

And call this cable provider, as i did and complain about how horrified you are by this despicable practice, if not totally disconnect from them.



  2. I'm disgusted by FOX.

  3. This is real, and still an issue. It happens whever I press "back" after having been on only one station.