Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oslo’s All-Electric Car Share Program Just Reached 1,000 Members

Some mornings we here at Inhabitat like to grab a cup of coffee, cozy up on the couch and dream about future days of sharing electric vehicles in our urban havens. But dream no longer – with EV car share programs like the “Cell” in the pipeline, this electrifying dream is becoming a reality. Move About, Oslo, Norway’s EV car share program, has just hit an impressive 1,000 members! An all-electric vehicle phenomena, customers of Move About pay a mere NOK 100 (or $17) for a monthly membership and are given an all-access pass to a fleet of EVs they can take around town for just $17 an hour. As a city already dominated by Think City electric vehicles, Norway is setting an inspiring green model ready to propel the rest of the world towards a more sustainable future.

Move About is able to furnish the needs of all 1,000 of their members with just 80 cars — a less than 10 to 1 ratio! The company also provides memberships beyond the public realm, offering a unique car sharing program for corporations as well. For corporate accounts, a small fleet of vehicles has been setup as an alternative to individual corporate cars, where sometimes just five cars are enough to support a full staff of 150.

The Move About program has been so successful in Oslo that they’ve already expanded to Gothenburg and Copenhagen, further initiating partnership programs in Germany and Austria. A convenient, efficient and eco-friendly solution to seemingly insurmountable traffic issues in urban areas, this is the kind of car share program that every city in the world could have. And for those of us at Inhabitat who know the perils of having too many cars on the road, we can only hope that Move About extends its plans and moves across the Atlantic very soon!

from Inhabitat Via Autoblog Green

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