Friday, January 21, 2011

1986 New York City Hip-Hop Doc. from Holland uncovered

Incredibly classic Grand Master Flash, Doug E. fresh, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Bill Adler and Russell Simmons in front of the the original Def Jam office at 298 Elizabeth street, I used to hang out at every day. Run-DMC also out in front of the office and in the studio, LL Cool J at his grandma's house i visited many times myself, his interview is incredible of the era. One of the original "Last Poets" gets his educational rap and hate on the current generation, then Schooly D. performing at the legendary "Latin Quarter" (what's got to be his worst song ever), and closes with a pretty cool interview.

Funny that when the film starts the RUN-DMC tour book i designed and photographed sits on the desk of the announcer.

via DangerousMinds
Shot in New York City in 1986 by Dutch filmmaker Bram van Splunteren, Big Fun In The Big Town contains a motherlode of amazing footage
I look at the new rock ‘n rollers…it’s a shame what they did to it, and I hope that rap don’t go that same route – where they take the rawness away…just then make it too pretty! I don’t think rock ‘n roll was meant to be pretty. Rock was meant to be bad – just like rap” - Schoolly-D


  1. I see Big Fun...and think of Teenage Suicide

  2. you're not lying on the schooly d song. couldn't do "saturday night" or "PsK" at least?