Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Telephone Books

Imagine a time when even phone books had interesting design to them, when it wasn't just about selling, but there was an aesthetic involved, that a designer or even a corporation actually tried contributing to culture with more than an Helvetica font (Not to take away from the incredible great cleanliness of helvetica and those designs built around it, but... ) These were cool even then.

I got this via Tara McGinley at DangerousMinds She says "It’s not like I’m some phone book enthusiast or anything, but these vintage designs over at Old Telephone Books are pretty great. The site touts being, “Possibly the world’s largest online collection of phone books.” I believe them. "


  1. I like the Peter Max example. It is similar to his paintings that were featured at border crossings across the US designed to welcome wayward Canadian tourists and returning US citizens.