Monday, May 9, 2011


One of the most influencial books of my life is Marx's Concept of Man by Erich Fromm (1961)

this actually happened last week (May 5th), but just caught my eye.
from our friend Richard Metzger at DangerousMinds:

Karl Marx, the 19th century social philosopher and historian who is regarded as one of the most influential intellectual figures in human history—Marx was voted the “thinker of the millennium” by people from around the world in a 1999 BBC poll—was born on this day in 1818.

Below, Marx for Beginners (look for a cameo from R. Crumb’s “Mr. Natural”):

Monty Python’s classic “Communist Quiz” sketch from Live from the Hollywood Bowl featuring Marx, Lenin, Che, and Mao.

Image by Savanna Snow

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