Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nudity for Charity: Mankind's ULTIMATE game-changer!

from Richard Metzger at DangerousMinds
Nudity for Charity might be the single greatest idea in the entire history of the human race. Who knows what philanthropic challenges mankind might be able to surmount with a tool like this one?

The way it works is simple:
Nudity for Charity lets volunteers raise money for their favorite charities by posing in the buff. Volunteers submit pics, and choose a charity. Other visitors to the site can donate to the volunteers’ charities. When a volunteer’s donation goal is reached, their nude pics will be unlocked. Basically, Nudity for Charity volunteers say “You can see me naked, if you help a good cause.”


A lot of people want to help charities, but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Other people have a some money to spend, but might not be motivated to donate. And everybody likes naked pictures. Nudity for Charity is an experiment in raising funds for worthy causes by putting these elements together.
If they would take this idea to its easy-to-imagine logical conclusion and launch a Porn for Charity site, and could enlist, say, I dunno, the Maxim Hot 100, they could END WORLD HUNGER BY MONDAY MORNING.

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