Saturday, July 2, 2011

CAT Aquatic Car Is the Water Taxi of the Future.

from Inhabitat

We already have water taxis and gondolas available for rent in various parts of the world today, but designer Cal Craven envisions a future in which these CAT aquatic water taxis will make gondolas truly seem a quaint throwback. The CAT car is a personal water taxi that people will be able to rent to take out on waterways and pilot themselves.
The CAT, or City Aquatic Transportation, is designed to carry 4 passengers and features panoramic views through its bubble glass top. No word on the propulsion system behind this cute concept, though we would expect it to be an electric boat with range-extending engine if produced in the near future, or solar-powered electric hybrid if made a few years down the road. We think the Boston Duck Tour buses just met their match.

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