Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Air Force’s “Jesus Loves Nukes” training no more?

from BoingBoing
The Air Force is no longer providing ethics training that is meant to make Christian soldiers feel better about nuclear weapons. From Military.com:
The training slides include quotations from the Bible, portraits of Christian saints, prophets, and famous American generals known for their faith, including George Washington, Union Army Gen. Joshua Chamberlain, and Confederate Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson...

(Air Education and Training Command) halted the ethics training last week after an article on the training was posted at Truthout.org. Former Air Force Capt. Damon Bosetti -- described as a missile officer who took the training in 2006 -- said he and others referred to the religious section of the ethics training as the "Jesus loves nukes speech."

The website also published the training slides, which it acquired from the watchdog group Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization that has filed numerous lawsuits against the Air Force for allegedly infringing on the rights of religious minorities and non-believers and promoting evangelical Christian beliefs.
"AF Pulls 'Jesus Loves Nukes' Training" (Military.com)
"Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons" (Truthout.org)

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