Thursday, August 25, 2011

BABY MARX by Pedro Reyes

“Baby Marx” is an ongoing TV pilot project by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes currently on exhibit at the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis from August 11 to November 27.

This is the original teaser for Baby Marx, an ongoing project by the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes that explores the intersections of mass entertainment, ideology and contemporary art. The teaser was produced for the Yokohama Triennial in Japan in 2008, and was followed by a television pilot shot in Mexico City in 2009. Baby Marx at the Walker uses the tools and procedures of documentary filmmaking to develop and expand on the questions raised by the project to date.
The founders of communism and capitalism, Karl Marx and Adam Smith who have been brought to the future by way of a glitch-prone Smart-O-Wave magic microwave oven, have a discussion over Warhol. This is the first scene from the latest stage of Baby Marx, the ongoing project at the Walker Art Center.

This is the second scene from the latest stage of Baby Marx, Marx and Smith have lunch at the Garden Café while the exhibition in which they feature is being installed. Expect more scenes in coming weeks.

Thanks, Simi

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