Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Story of DEF JAM records
- An Oral History, from the BBC

I posted this a few years back, and it's been taken down from YouTube and other sites, but just stumbled upon it on "Myspace" and never realized there was an imbedding code. It's really pretty damn good and certainly excellent sound quality if nothing else. Dig It.
An oral his­to­ry of the ori­gins of Def Jam Records, as told by Rick Ru­bin, Rus­sell Sim­mons, L.L. Cool J, Bill Steph­ney, Chuck D., Glen E. Fried­man, Hank Shock­lee, Tim West­wood, DMC, Joe Per­ry, Beast­ie Boys and oth­ers. orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast on BBC ra­dio 2 -​ Nar­rat­ed/Host­ed by Paul Sex­ton for 10 Ounce pro­duc­tion Oc­to­ber 2006

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