Sunday, January 1, 2012


The building of this site was based on some very fundamental principles.

Quality images, design, and function, as well as being as complete an archive as possible.

One big decision we made about halfway through the long process was we chose to stay away from Flash® and still make it dynamic for the age.

Big high quality images on the introduction to the Photographs section were always on the menu, even if it takes extra time for loading. We felt the quality was worth it, it's a photographers site after all, and we were tired of seeing photo sites where they usually only use small images. No longer! These images will go as big as your screen and still look great. As far as we're concerned "Good things come to those who wait" - if people can't wait a few extra seconds for a page to load up, fuck'em.

For the daily rants and interests you can always check out the blog. Other interesting stuff including an insane press archive, photos to share on your non-commercial sites and social media pages, recent photos, rare never before seen photos, a high quality video page, and more depth then you're likely to ever need on the subject will all be here for your perusal. Dig It.

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