Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOUL TRAIN - the Doc

Original discription from VH1 site:

Few television series were as innovative and influential as Soul Train. Set first in Chicago, and later in Los Angeles, the Soul Train dance party reached national significance and became the longest running syndicated show in television history. In commemoration of its 40th anniversary, Soul Train: The Hippest Trip In America is a 90 minute documentary celebrating the show's many contributions to pop culture, music, dance and fashion. From 1970-2006 the series offered a window into the history of Black music, and its charismatic host, Don Cornelius was The Man responsible for a new era in Black expression. A trained journalist, Don created a media empire that provided an outlet for record labels and advertisers to reach a new generation of music fans. As the epitome of cool, many of his expressions entered the popular American lexicon: "A groove that will make you move real smooth," "Wishing you Peace, Love and Soul!" The documentary will feature performances and great moments from the show, as well as behind-the-scene stories and memories from the cast and crew. In addition, popular musicians, comics and actors of yesterday and today will comment on growing up with the show and will share their stories of how Soul Train affected their own lives.

Thanks, Aaron!


  1. What a great post man, iconic, grounbreaking, a real platform for Black Americans everywhere and people of Colour the world over, so many clips on my pootube channel . . . it's almost surreal being on your blog, still have all my issues of "that" magazine that propelled yourself, Stecyk and the Dogtown crew to infamy and intergalactic superduperstardom, your stuff was like our own little subculture's Hunter S Thompson, riveting, hyper-real and vivid . . . still lovin your work and your headspace, glad to be here, cheers muchly, Dog.