Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Californians (SNL)

I found this pretty fucking funny

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  1. Ironic that until the socal population boom of the 80's and early 90's - consisting of Persians, Asians, Texans, Midwesterners and, yes, many New Yorkers - all those freeways were known colloquially by their destination names. Remember the jingle? "Long Beach Freeway, Firestone Exit, South Gate" Even "the 5" was known locally as "the Golden State Freeway" and giving directions was a ridiculously wordy enterprise. "Take the Santa Monica, to the Pomona Freeway, then go north on the Golden State to the San Bernadino Freeway..."

    It probably had more to do with some state mandated change in signage than anything else, but I can specifically remember that even after the influx of Persians and Asians into socal during the 80's, that right up until the summer of 1991, the use of names was still pretty common.

    Then in the period between '88 and '92 or so, there seemed to be succeeding waves of first New Yorkers, then Chicagoans and Midwesterners, then Texans and more New Yorkers coming to LA. These people had Thomas Bros. maps and did not know many locals and so they would not learn the names and they all said "I405" and "Hiway one" and "Route-two" and the locals are all, "No, it's the san diego freeway" and "PCH" and "Lincoln Blvd" And then suddenly there was this weird compromise where everyone just started putting "the" before every number and that was it. Except for PCH. Nobody ever said "the PCH."

    But then the question becomes, would this skit be even funnier if they said, "...then I took the Century to the San Diego North to the Santa Monica to PCH up to 'Bu..."