Monday, May 28, 2012

Red Square Revolt
Quebec Students on Strike

thanks @T_Hen


  1. This started over a hike in tuition fees. Quebec kids pay the lowest fees in Canada, how ironic, seems they already have it pretty good, but want to be spoiled even more. Shouldn't it be the kids who pay the most, out beating pots and pans?

  2. I'm from Quebec. I've been on strike for 16 weeks. Those who think that we're fighting for $325 (a year) or $1625 (over 5 years) are not getting it. We're fighting back against neoliberalism. We're fighting against the government who wants to impose the canadian / american model to our universities. We're fighting to keep education accessible for everyone. We're fighting to protect what our parents gained through the Quiet Revolution.

    I don't know why people in the ROC (rest of Canada) aren'T protesting. Maybe they're happy with an elitist expensive school system. If their provincial government was to raise their tuition fees by 75%, shouldn't they protest, because people in the States have it worse? We're going nowhere with that reasonning. Because it could be worse doesn't mean we should not fight back. Should we allow one racist bill to pass, because eh, it's just one, it could be worse (and it's worse elsewhere).

    Thank you for your post. Come to Montreal to get a real feel of what's going on. I've sacrificed my semester over this (I'm in law school), but none of that is important. What matters is that we are fighting, united, for a better future. Our generation is waking up and standing up.

    (On a side note, the subtitles in the second video aren't totally accurate. There are some mistakes.)