Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crazy interview i did the other day on
The Combat Jack Show
NSFW ;-)

I feel this was like doing the Hip-Hop version of Howard Stern... ill.

I come on after the 14 minute mark, for the whole show, good music break i got to pick too.

OG photographer Glen E Friedman, the only man who can claim to have captured the definitive moments of the early days of hip-hop, skateboarding and punk rock waxed historical poetry on this episode. If you’re sleeping on him, peep Glen’s covers for seminal albums like ‘It Takes Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ and ‘Yo! Bum Rush The Show’, LL’s ‘Bad’, The Beastie Boy’s ’Check Your Head’ and of course, Ice T’s ‘Power’.

On top of knowledge facts, Glen goes at Dallas Penn’s Republican dreams and meat loving ways while giving less than %1 of a fuxs.

The Loud Speaker Network very own Theotis Jones stopped by to put a voice to the name and breaks down why he continues to visually bring heat to The Combat Jack Show.
check these guys out, they are crazy ill THE COMBAT JACK SHOW they got a lot of cool interviews

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  1. Great 'mother fucking' interview. Thank you for posting and being a true voice in a generation of unprogressive chatter.