Monday, November 3, 2014

Now you know 1st because you follow this blog :
World premier MY RULES exhibition opens in LONDON
November 21st

Opening night will be Friday November 21st in just off the Covent Garden market, London, UK.

In a building at 14 Henrietta street in the middle of everything, it was "Once George Orwell's publishing house, and a London literary landmark. Behind the classic London Victorian Town house exterior, a completely unexpected venue from the moment you step through the door."

Get it together and be there if you can, show will be up til at least the end of the year, but opening night and weekend should be special, fifty two 20"x30" prints and other surprises related to the book. it'll be cool, and I'll be there!

more details to follow . . .

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  1. we have got to find you funding for a video crew!
    safe travels, and enjoy the show. :)