Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cloudspotting - the BBC documentary from
The Cloud Appreciation Society

If you've never seen my book RECOGNIZE, you should.

Around the same time I released this project that took five years to complete, I noticed the formation of the "Cloud Appreciation Society" and joined Gavin on his mission, I was honored with an honorary membership to the society, in fact I'm number #21 and proud of it!

If you're half as intrigued as i am please check out Gavin's web presence...

And enjoy this documentary for your quiet sunday viewing pleasure:


This is a slide show of the images from my book, "RECOGNIZE” (2005). This is the first of all my books to not use anything from past archives of infamous iconic images. It is based solely upon an artistic study and ambition.

The mission with RECOGNIZE is no less than 're-aligning the aesthetic' or demolishing and then re-making the rules by which we view and understand art... The re-introduction of sight into art-making and art-seeing, away from purely conceptual in-jokes and toward formal problems of light, composition and beauty. Just as Renaissance artists re-introduced the classical world's honesty and discipline to art-making, Friedman restores picture-taking to its primary and vital function: composition of the natural world, combined with a sense of wonder at the magnificence of what is all around us."
- Ian Folke Svenonius, 2005
“It's customary nowadays to claim we "distrust beauty" because it has betrayed us. In fact the reverse is true: our culture betrays beauty and then blames it for its lack of depth. On this edge Glen's work is dancing - hence its vertiginousness, its touch of vertigo. Real beauty is always serious."
- Peter Lamborn Wilson, 2005.
If nothing else, at least, it's a beautiful montage of cloud photographs.
Read all the text from the book here.

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