Sunday, December 27, 2015

Important Sunday Message

Peoples' not caring about OTHER people as much as they should will bring the end of humans on this planet, sooner rather than later.

What makes me say that today? The fucking news, the overwhelming majority of politicians, and business people who put profits over people and the planet.

Shortsightedness, greed, ignorance, manufactured fear. Made painfully obvious by "healthcare" co$ts, GUNS in this country and peoples perceived need for them, when they should be totally banned. That a pig like Trump dominates any discussion of any kind is a pathetic reflection of what much of the worlds reality has become. It's fucking foul.

Make some fucking noise in any way you can, big or small, and stop this mis-direction of humankind.



(yes I originally posted this on my Social media a few weeks ago, but i believe it needed to be shared again, here at this time of year)

Thanks for your interest and support.

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