Saturday, July 30, 2016

MY RULES book enters it's THIRD printing
and JAY-BOY book is being re-issued next year!

Today i was up at the Rizzoli books International offices to see how the re-issue of the JAY-BOY / Kent Sherwood book was coming along (out next spring) and it's looking good! This is more than a reprint of the super rare incredible book of photos taken by Jay's Stepfather Kent, of Jay, before most anyone else had photographed him. Great book I designed and help get published back almost 10 years ago. It's got a complete overhaul and few new photos too.

I also spent some time in the conference room comparing the third printing (just released last month) to the first two printings ... All look great but inevitably the latest always seems to get a little better - unfortunately I found a few more typos too, been there all along... If you find any lemme know for the next printing update... Yeah, that's my phone.

here's some photos of the three printings being compared to each other on friday . . .

See the photographs as they are meant to be seen! This book is huge, 324 pages, 13wide x 11.5tall, weighs in at almost 8lbs. The best of my books FUCK YOU HEROES and FUCK YOU TOO + about 30% more you've never seen, all bigger and better than ever!

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