Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thee Midniters “Everybody Needs Somebody” (Whittier, 1967) original vinyl - NYNT Daily Party Platter

This is the continuing series I will post every other day while i'm out of town, thanks to Jonathan Toubin DJ of New York Night Train

Originally a Solomon Burke / Bert Berns 1964 Atlantic soul hit, and further popularized by The Rolling Stones in 1965 and Wilson Pickett in 1966, and made even more famous by The Blues Brothers in 1980, Thee Midniters’ “Everybody Needs Somebody” is by far the most rocking version - all decked out in fuzz and urgency and Thee Midnite Feeling!

This playlist anticipates the June 18 Los Angeles New York Night Train SOUL CLAP AND DANCE-OFF at the REGENT THEATER with THEE MIDNITERS with Greg Esparza, THE PREMIERS, and THEE COMMONS with a list of my ten favorite o.g. Midniters sides for the LA RECORD!

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You're listening to my daily addition to the New York Night Train Party Platter playlist. Each track here is recorded directly from my original 45s (no bootlegs, reproductions, etc) to give you an idea of what the real deal authentic vinyl sounds like. COME BACK EVERY DAY FOR A NEW FIX! Because the records pass so quickly at my dance parties, this channel is an attempt to stop and focus on one record at a time in hopes to personally learn more about each one and at the same time turn you on to the artists, tracks, labels, etc. I'm just hipping myself to a lot of these records for the first time as well - so you can view this as our journey to learning more about cool old records together! But mostly I hope this music moves you as much as it moves me.

Get your enjoys,
Jonathan Toubin
Soul Proprietor, New York Night Train

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