Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Three of my Shepard Fairey collaborations over the weekend on Instagram - Skate-Punk-HipHop

TONY "MAD DOG" ALVA - collaboration with Shepard Fairey @OBEYgiant of the iconic original (you can scroll down in my feed to see the original photo, or better yet get the MY RULES book!) T.A. trespassing in Beverly Hills 1977, first day using my Takumar 17 mm fisheye that was bought used for my 15th birthday. One of my favorites of ATTITUDE and an all time classic. One of the greatest and most important skateboarders in history. His STYLE is absolutely unique and incredible. The fact that he still has it to this day is noteworthy. The original photo was first published in an article I wrote in 1983(?) for Thrasher magazine "Taking and Talking Killer Skate Photos" where I gave tips and told stories on making great skateboarding photographs. Then it appeared un cropped full frame (as all the photographs) in my first hard cover book FUCK YOU HEROES. Now it also appears bigger and better reproduction than ever in my book MY RULES . #skateboarding #TonyAlva #Style #Attitude #KnowYourRoots #ZBoys #Zephyr #BlueTileObsession #TonyBlueTile #backyardpool #OBEY @obeygiant #FUN #inspiration #integrity #zflex #powerflex #middlefinger #art #collaboration #ShepardFairey #flippinthebird #classic #ICON #MyRules #GetTheNewBook #WestLA #DogTown

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Keith Morris of the CIRCLE JERKS at the Starwood (Hollywood) circa 1980. This collaboration between Shepard Fairey @obeygiant , Keith and myself was cool to do, Keith inspired this color palate and it was a rare one for Shepard along side his typical red base, also did a blue based one. I always thought Keith had a a great writing style so I asked him to write down some of the songs he was most known for over the years as one of the great Punk Rock vocalists (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!). We also used some pieces of the LP cover i made with them. circle Jerks were a great band to see at this time and at this place, seemed to be the center of it all at the time. Keith is one of four people who wrote an editorial for my original MY RULES Photozine in 1982 as well as a piece for my latest book MY RULES (the other three being Ian MacKaye, Chuck Dukowski, and Jello Biafra) the book is huge and something you need to see (ask at your local bookstore or worst case scenario you can get it at Amazon). #inspiration #integrity #photography #book #keithmorris #circlejerks #punkrock #punk #LAPunk #FrontierRecords #WestCoastPunk #RedTape #LiveFastDieYoung #GoupSex #Bud #GetTheNewBook #MyRules #ShepardFairey @obeygiant #collaboration

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PUBLIC ENEMY collaboration with Shepard Fairey from some years back, one of our first together, based on my 1987 photograph. Anyone who sees this doesn't need to be reminded on this holiday celebrating the life and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Probably doesn't need to be reminded of the social impact and inspiration this group started to make in the late 80's and beyond. I am proud to have worked with my brothers in the formative years and help spread the positive and strong ideas... and while not always perfect in those years, at least there was movement, encouragement and education going on, for anyone within earshot. What Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad started back then was a seed that still blossoms to this day. I believe they were responsible for incredible education among all races to the plight of African Americans. Contribution acknowledged πŸ™πŸ½ ✌πŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½✊🏽🀝 - πŸ–•πŸ½racists #MLK #MalcolmX #RaceInAmerica #AmeriKKKa #PublicEnemy #PublicEnemyNumberOne #FightThePower #SpeakUp #FuckRacism #ChuckD #HipHop #Culture #NewYork #DefJam #MiuziWeighsATon #inspiration #integrity #FuckYouHeroes #MyRules this original photograph was one of their first publicity photos and appeared in Fuck You Heroes, on the shared single cover for "Bring The Noise" and in the My Rules book.

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