Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Black Panther
the movie looks Dope.

found out today about a little something in this film, that's exciting for me personally, that I look forward to seeing....

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  1. zmovie - I have to say, after all the hoopla (which I was growing tired of), Black Panther ranks for me as one of the best action movies of all time, 2nd only to Return of the Jedi (don't judge me), and even one of the best dramas. Was surprised by so much of this sort of "anti-hype" criticism. I believe some used to the typical super hero flick of Today, simply want pulse-pounding action every minute, with a few wise-cracks thrown in, and maybe half-decent lines delivered. This is different, and that old formula is so tired and played at this point in the MCU. This story, the special effects, the intrigue, and the action were all superb. However, what was truly phenomenal was the acting by such a massive cast. This just doesn't happen in action, let alone super hero flicks, even today. Those who refuse to see it for the racial reason or know people like that. Tell them it really is just that good beyond the racial make-up, then tell them a White hero actually figures prominently in the end, so don't fret..

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