Thursday, January 11, 2018

HENRY ROLLINS, live like a Lion! circa 1991

HENRY ROLLINS at CBGB’s circa 1991 with The Rollins Band. This photograph appears in my book “The Idealist” and also on the book flap beside Henry’s commentary in the very first printing of “Fuck You Heroes”. I love this photo taken only with available light. It was around this time that i decided to stop using artificial light sources such as a flash... it was very rare after this point to use one, and of course i am talking about making photographs on FILM here so that stuff was not nearly as sensitive as digital technology is now, or even in the last 15 years. In order to make photos like this everything had to be just perfect and you’d never know if you made what you had hoped until you got your film developed and printed. This was a turning point. And of course Henry has always been one of the most incredibly intense singers around, emulated worldwide. He’s a killer, “as serious as a heart attack” when he’s in front of a group of musicians. You can say what you like about previous Black Flag singers (as they were all great in their own ways) and Henry as he was in S.O.A., but to front on him as Black Flag’s last true singer is a grave mistake. #Inspiration #FuckYouHeroes #TheIdealist #Integrity #PunkRock #Punk #HarDCore #SOA #RollinsBand #Badass #CBGB #SeriousAsAHeartAttack #MyRules #StateOfAlert #LionShot

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