Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SkateBoarder magazine on my Instagram

TONY ALVA on the contents page of SkateBoarder magazine in 1977. I think this was the first time a photo of mine made it onto the contents page, i was stoked, so was T.A. , even got him to slap a SkateBoarder magazine sticker on his board. You’d be hard pressed to find any magazine stickers in T.A.’s boards back then. SkateBoarder, the original bible of skateboarding, and its culture, is being inducted into the “Skateboarding Hall of Fame” @skateboardinghalloffame this year, so I’ll be out west for that and get another chance to be up there, i promised to keep the speech short this year๐Ÿ˜‰, give the other old dudes a chance. Should be a fun event, as usual. SkateBoarder magazine was not only the first, it was the best. It was the template for the rest and the bible of the 70’s Skateboarding revolution. . . . This photo was made at Brett Adams one hit ¼ pipe ramp up on Oakmont Drive in Brentwood, about as exclusive of a block you can find anywhere in Los Angeles, in fact i brought Ice-T up there around 10 years later and made the photo of him and his Slant-nosed Porsche (and Darlene laying on top of it) just a few hundred feet up the road in front of some big fancy gate. #SkateBoarder #MadDog #TonyAlva #Originals #Leaders #skateboarding #TailTap #OneWheeler #BackYardRamp #inspiration #1977 #Session #WLA #Brentwood now if you zoom in to see it was the February 1978 issue of the magazine which means it hit the stands at the beginning of January probably and the photo was taken a few months before that. Also the caption takes a dig at another magazine trying to use Alva to gain acceptance and popularity, but we had him back in here as strong as ever after missing a few months. “Our boy” referencing the loyalty with the sticker on the board ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ watch the SkateBoarder magazine short form documentary on iTunes now!

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