Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Daily Party Platter from Jonathan Toubin
Little Hank "Mr. Bang Bang Man" (Sound Stage 7, 1966)

Greetings from Manchester, UK! This Jamaican-informed floor filler isn't only a NY Night Train Soul Clap classic but its also a 60s Twisted Wheel classic! In America in its day this one was apparently the kind of good-time obscurity only played in Pittsburgh! A bouncy rhythm punctuated with "Shotgun Wedding"-style novelty gunshots - but when he sings about walking down the street with his pistol in his hand, it shouldn't be taken literally. He's singing about something else! All the girls call him "bang bang man"! And how rare is it that you have a record that fit in the Pittsburgh scene, the Northern Soul scene, and the NY Night Train parties - and has a ska/rock steady groove to boot? A rare bird! And an instant party!

Not much is known about Little Hank other than the fact that he had two rather limited mid-1960s Sound Stage 7 45s. As per usual, feel free to comment if you have any info on Little Hank or this record...

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