Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Chuck Dukowski - BLACK FLAG
very rare photograph on my instagram feed

CHUCK DUKOWSKI of BLACK FLAG at practice somewhere in the SouthBay section of Los Angeles, early 1982. I was lucky enough to have sat in on practice with Black Flag many times, even made photos a few times. Now ordinarily one would think at practice what are you gonna shoot some corny portraits? or half ass playing tuning? and writing? FUCK NO ... BLACK FLAG WERE BRINGING IT! Like their lives depended on it! 6-8 hour days of practice, often, their practice could be more intense than a gig!! so eventually i decided to bring my camera a few times. This practice was especially intense, i shot an amazing roll of film here or maybe even two, made some incredible photographs including the iconic image of Henry that was used on the cover of SPRAY PAINT THE WALLS (The Story of Black Flag) as well as classics of Greg and another of Chuck with that crazy mustache, when the head of his base smashed the flash off the top of my camera. They were my favorite band of the era and Dukowski was the heart and soul of that band to me. A real badass. Intelligent. A few weeks ago when i was out in L.A. for the Skateboarding Hall of Fame event, i took an afternoon to visit Chuck and his wife Lora down in Venice, i ended up hanging out for like 7 hours! Great people, never enough of them, I’m stoked to have such good friends around the world (or at least the parts of it I’ve visited). #PunkRock #inspiration #Integrity #TheDuke #Dukowski #BASS #PunkRockChangedOurLives #WhatISee #NoMore #PaddedCell #HardcorePunk #TheMan #Legendary #Flag (totally worth seeing) also if you look close there’s an ACTION NOW sticker on the bass head there 😉 #MyRules get the book hear the song... everything through the recording of the DAMAGED album is what i am referring to when i discuss their greatness and inspiration to ME (save a few songs) GO LISTEN TO THAT STUFF AND STOP FLIPPING THROUGH INSTAGRAM 👊🏽

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