Thursday, August 2, 2018

Black Flag playing a garage party
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BLACK FLAG (spring 1983) This rare photograph was never seen until the MY RULES book. Black Flag playing a garage party on a Saturday afternoon in West Los Angeles at my request, in order to get as many SUICIDALs together at one time, admission was you needed to be wearing your ST hand drawn shirt to get in the back yard (unless you came w/BLACK FLAG) all so i could photograph as many of their shirts as possible for the forthcoming debut SUICIDAL TENDENCIES album cover. I produced the album, shot all the photos, designed the whole shit and even managed the band for a while, til i quit... This was an incredible gig, BLACK FLAG were incredible, and in fact it was Dezo's last time playing in the original band. There's some video you can find on line if you don't believe me, shot by Al Flipside. #DOPE #punkrock #HeavyBeyondWords and I can't front, when the Suicidal's played after Black Flag, they couldn't even get through a full song before shit was knocked down, and had to keep starting over and over, it was wild... #garageband #garageparty @SuicidalTendencies #HenryRollins #DezCadena #ChuckDukowski #GregGinn #billstevenson - And contrary to popular belief, this was not Mike Muir's garage, but in fact it was the garage of the grandmother of one of ST's roadies Albert. #DIY #KeepItReal #OldSchool #Westside #PUNK Did i forget to mention this photo appears as a full 13" wide page in the MY RULES book? #MyRules #GetTheNewBook P.S. I was using my trusty PENTAX with the 17mm fisheye and the double flash bracket contraption i built to make this photograph.

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