Sunday, October 21, 2018

HR of the Bad Brains > Flip at CBGB
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Another of H.R. of the Bad Brains at CBGB's circa 1982 doing his FLIP! ... I think i made this photo the night i started selling copies of my 'zine MY RULES in NYC visiting from LA. (I'm figuring this out because this photo didn't make it in the 'zine, and it was probably shot the xmas after the ones that did make it in. i probably brought a bunch of them, out east visiting family for the xmas holiday, the Bad Brains played two or three nights in a row at xmas time in 1981 and 1982 maybe another year as well, probably some of the best Bad Brains shows ever, that live at CBGB dvd that's out was shot during this weekend, it's pretty fucking incredible! I can see my flash going off capturing/creating some of my classic Bad Brains shots and just standing toward the back of the stage watching in others. Some great great shows, im thinking a peak period as far as i was concerned. This photo of course is in the new MY RULES bigger than ever. Look at the style and ask yourself who was #inspired #badbrains #HR #Punk #FVK #PMA #NYC #washingtondc #OG #theOriginal #inspiration #integrity #photography #classic #fingersnapin #style ... The best of my photos in FUCK YOU TOO and FUCK YOU HEROES + about 30% more stuff never seen are all in the new book MY RULES ... Time to pick it up if you already haven't ! #MyRules #GetTheNewBook

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