Saturday, October 6, 2018

DANIZIG first photo session
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As promised here's one of the better ones... DANZIG - this photo is an out take from the first ever photo session the DANZIG band did. I was actually the person who recommended to Rick Rubin that they get Chuck Biscuits when he told me they were looking for a drummer, in fact i also was the person who introduced Rick to Glenn! Glenn was very skeptical, he was like "why do I need to meet a rap producer? I said "trust me he's a big fan of yours he wants to help you out". We ate slices at Ben's Pizza on MacDougal, and the rest is music history correct? So of course I was asked to shoot their first photos, if y'all like this one i got a bunch more i can post over time, let me know. Turns out pleasing Glenn during this period was next to impossible, so thats why most of these have never been seen, but there are some classics... Of course Glenn and I became friendly when he was in the Misfits, and i knew Biscuits from his days in D.O.A. and Black Flag (arguably the best line up they ever had) so we had a good time shooting along the cliffs on the Palisades between Fort Lee and Englewood New Jersey. #Danzig #misfits #glenndanzig #chuckbiscuits #johnchrist #EerieVon #7thHouse #Evil #defAmerican #rickrubin #samhain #newjersey #lodi

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