Wednesday, December 5, 2018

1977 Slalom in the streets with the infamous B.P.
and 60's Skate Legend Tommy Ryan

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BOBBY PIERCY and TOMMY RYAN (Hall of fame inductee 2018) Slalom racing in the streets of Point Loma (San Diego) California circa 1977... PURE 70’s Skateboarding... this was a legitimate form of the day and virtually unheard of now. Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Torger Johnson, Jay Adams, Steve Olson, even myself on the first skate team i was ever asked to join. We all rode slalom and DOWNHILL. Because at the time , that was all that was universal and could be rode anywhere in the world equally. Almost nowhere had the banked schoolyards of WEST LOS ANGELES, and very few places on the planet had the perfectly transitioned kidney shaped pools of California, there were a few, but they were rare, even then!!! So this was the main way people competed when they wanted to be competitive. Freestyle honestly took a back seat to slalom back then. Barrel jumping was even considered! Imagine growing up in this era and watching the activity so fundamentally change. If you did not live it, you are not capable. It’s kind of like if you’re under 40, you have no idea in the world what the world was like before Punk Rock or Hip Hop. Imagine being around when these cultures were just being invented or brought slightly of of the neighborhoods where they were created for outsiders to see... YOU CAN’T! And i ain’t mad at you for that, I’m just sayin’ some of us elders have seen some shit! And those before us as well. You don’t need to respect your roots, but if you don’t want to be an ignorant fool you should at least know about them.... ✌🏽👊🏽 . . #SkateBoarding #Inspiration #Integrity #PunkRock #Slalom #Racing #OG #OldSchool #BobbyPiercy #BP #TommyRyan #speed #NeedForSpeed @SkateboardingHallofFame #pointLoma #TurnerSummerSki #LoganEarthSki #kryptonics #GullWingTrucks #LighteningBolt #Bahne #TrackerTrucks #SkateBoarderMagazine

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