Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Minor Threat
rarely if ever seen image from The Idealist

one option to get "the idealist" book is HERE.

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This photograph of IAN MACKAYE on stage at CBGBs c. 1981/82 with his band MINOR THREAT appears only in my book THE IDEALIST “In My Eyes - 25 Years” you can read in my previous posts what this book is all about, or on line search the title of the book. . . The link in my bio will take you directly to amazon page where it’s still available (or if you can find it anywhere at all go for it). . . MINOR THREAT and Ian could not have been much more inspiration then they have been in the last decades since they first released a record. This photo is pretty heavy, Ian encircled on the ground still yelling his lyrics with such overwhelming enthusiasm around him, it almost looks as though they are fighting him. . . Although there are several skateboarding images and PUNK and Hip Hop photos, this book is an ART book with a political bend as well, with several essays scattered throughout, as i tend to do, from Ian MacKaye, Cornel West, and Ian F. Svenonius to Ralph Nader. . . This is one of my all time favorites. For the real art and photography buffs out there. 👊🏽✌🏽✊🏽 . #FILM #Inspiration #Integrity #35mm #ART #Photography #International #TheIdealist #PUNK #Landscapes #harDCore #MinorThreat #SingAlong #IanMacKaye #LoudFastRules #CBGB #Beauty #HipHop #Skateboarding #Politics #Composition #character #book 1976 -2001

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