Friday, March 13, 2009

skipping around Air America on-line ...

And somehow i found this on a page where the writer David Bender mentioned Deepak Chopra's thoughts on Rush Limbaugh.
I had the pleasure of interviewing a man whose work I've admired for many years, but had never met--Dr. Deepak Chopra. He's written a piece for Huffington Post titled "Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality" and I wanted to get his take on whether we were actually helping the Devil's Dirigible stay afloat by stoking the dangerous flames of his own self-inflating ego.

In the course of the conversation (in which Dr. Chopra admitted that even his own wife listens to Limbaugh out of sheer morbid fascination), we both concluded that it's better to call him out for the dangerous charlatan that he is, just as Edward R. Murrow called out Senator Joe McCarthy 55 years ago. A demagogue is a demagogue, whether he's sitting in the US Senate or in a radio studio in West Plam Beach.

and then this note in the comments section

I want the government to choose my doctor, because the choice they will offer will be much more vast than the small section of a county within a state that for-profit insurance companies force you to go to to chose from a small list of "preferred providers" if you actually want to see any of those ridiculous premium dollars ever again.

For-profit Health Insurance has been chosing your doctor for you for years and refusing to cover you if you refuse to see one of their lackeys.

It's is time for America to grow up like the rest of the world, and time for our government to stop punishing our citizens so politicians can get richer than they are.

2/3 of the Senate and about 1/3 of the House being millionaires is fine and dandy for millionaires, but doesn't do much for the remaining 95% of our population. Our country cannot afford to wait until the millionaire number is 100% in both chambers, though those assholes are doing their best.

Limbaugh is the not much better than the nuclear materal of the virus infecting a bacteria which is infecting a parasite in the gut of a maggot on a piece of shit. On this basis, this less than piece of shit has no credibility in my view.

Maybe this glutton will survive long enough to see the Rush Limbaugh Memorial Fuck Over 95% of My Listenership Legislation, or perhaps we can just refer to the last 30 years of anti-American, union-breaking, crony laisse faire trade policy, anti-guaranteed pension, wage staggering crap that his party has been passing. That is both wings of The Corporate Party by the way.

If there is a God, this traitor will fall over dead from a heart attack long before Kennedy succumbs to his brain tumor.

Good luck in finding a casket big enough for this fat fucker.

By Antillectual


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