Friday, March 27, 2009

You probably never heard this one

In May 1975 Die Electric Eels recorded two slabs of what have to be some of the greatest proto punk ever. Agitated (listen in the player below) has all the punk elements: short song, sloppy instrumentation, raw production and a lousy solo.

In 1978, Rough Trade released the Agitated 45 (RT 8). Guitarist John Morton illustrated the cover and wrote the titles in a faux German style, which was taken at face value by many who initially bought it, exactly the sort of confusion and ambiguity to which the Eels aspired. Between the sounds, still extreme by 1978 standards, and the gradual realization that "Die Electric Eels" were actually a crazy band from Cleveland that had broken up three years earlier made it that much more impressive.

Nick Knox who later became the drummer for the Cramps was also in this band.

A bit reminicent of early Black Flag recordings with Keith Morris, and if you can imagine, even more raw.

probably my favorite pre-punk punk record ever.

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  1. Glen E. Friedman! Man, I hope this finds you. I just stumbled into your blog surfing for music bits past. Great blog, great books, I've got most of 'em. Last time our paths crossed was in front of the Continental on 3rd Ave. back in the 90's. I hope you are well, I am -I mean considering R'N'R nearly killed me and all- I guess if it doesn't, you're not doing it right; It's a school of thought anyway.

    All the best,
    Andy from Ohio