Friday, August 7, 2009


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I hate insurance companies who are trying to block real health care reform.

So I made another crazy ad with time in honor of one of my favorite weeks of the year:


But anyone who spends $140 million a quarter trying to block the Public Option, hiring companies to ship in fake protestors, and lining the pockets of for-sale-congressmen & congresswomen--while reaping BILLIONS of dollars in profits, while fully aware that 50 million Americans can't afford coverage while thousands more are denied coverage (or dropped unceremoniously when they finally NEED the coverage they've been paying for)

well we all know who the real sharks are. If you like the ad, please put it up on your facebook page or email it around or Twitter it! [see above]

and please: get in the fight for health care reform. We SHOULD have the Dem votes in congress to finally get health care reform. The Public Option is a GREAT first step--it gives everyone the chance to have affordable coverage while keeping the choice of private insurance if they want it. And if anyone tries to tell you that they don't want "socialized" medicine like the Public Option, tell them you really admire how they are going to not use Medicare when they hit 65 and instead continue to pay 7 - 10k or more a year for private insurance.

We SHOULD be pulling this off. But we're in the fight of our lives. The big insurance companies are obviously not going to give up those billions in profit, and they've got a couple of key Dems in their pocket. We need to put the pressure on those Dems to do the right thing.

So, please help us fight for the health care this country so badly needs, if you can, and I hope you enjoy the ad. And Shark Week. : )

-Laura Dawn

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