Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Get Down People"

...from 1969 LP "jan jan"

(Thanks, Basheer)

from Wikipedia
The Fabulous Counts were an American soul/funk group from Detroit, Michigan. They won local acclaim as an instrumental group and as a backing ensemble for visiting solo acts after their formation in 1968. Working with producer Richard Wylie, they released the instrumental single "Jan, Jan" on Detroit's Moira Records that year, which narrowly missed hitting the US R&B charts that winter. Their second single, "Dirty Red", passed without trace, but the third single, "Get Down People", hit #32 R&B and #88 on the US pop charts. A full-length, Jan, Jan (produced by Ollie McLaughlin), was released in 1969 on Cotillion Records, but the group left the label in 1971.

Signing with Westbound Records that year, the group went through some lineup changes, moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and changed their name simply to The Counts. They released three funk LPs under this name in the 1970s, and all three albums charted before the group called it quits in 1976. in 2009 the fabulous counts reunite back in the line up from 1976


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  2. You can hear the B side of the Get Down People single here: