Tuesday, December 22, 2009

know how incredible the 1st LP is

Another early British punk band you might not all know, but should, and even if you do, you may not have listened as recently as i have. Here are some favorite cuts from the debut album DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED:


  1. Glen, how much do I love The Damned!?! Do you really want to know? Regardless, they were recently billed to play a Halloween show in Seattle and it was canceled. Know anything about the status of the band these days – likes, dislikes, your opinions. The last time I saw them in person was the 1989 Fuck Off Tour that was billed as their last...

  2. I know nothing of their current status. what i do know is that besides the great title i didn't really care for much of the 2nd LP, or any of their following albums really. But this first one? That fire storm through hell is fucking AMAZING. Great to listen to while in the dentists chair getting drilled ;-)