Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I just uploaded a bunch of photos for people to use, NOT companies or theives.

I've opened a flickr account and have posted a bunch of photos free to use on any web pages or websites that don't sell anything, a link to my books page www.burningflags.com/books/ would be nice in return. Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Due to your security settings on Flickr, the photos themselves can't be posted on someone's blog or website—there's no way to get the URL of the photo. All people can do is link to the Flickr page itself.

    It's awesome that you've posted these anyway, even if they weren't for people to use, so I ain't complaining at all. Just mentioning it because if you want people to be able to use these in the way that I THINK you intended by uploading them, you have to relax your security settings.

  2. Thank you. please let me know if this has been fixed now, or tell me how to fix it, i'm new to flickr, thanks!

  3. No problem, I figured you were still figuring it all out. You fixed it, it's all set now. Thanks again for uploading these.