Monday, March 29, 2010

Hummer Stagecoach - A Statement of Action

Cool statement...
Known as the CEO Stagecoach, the horse-drawn Hummer is the work of New York artist Jeremy Dean.
Jeremy Dean is an artist that set out on a unique mission: Take a massive HUMMER H2 and convert it into a horse-drawn carriage. The goal? To show just how screwed and unsustainable the auto-industry has become.

Dubbed the “Futurama”, Dean sees it as a symbol of where we’re headed unless things change drastically. From his site,

“As I see it, this is a time machine from the future, from a world destroyed through over consumption. This is my equivalent of GM’s Futurama and the logical conclusion of that thinking, the new “Brighter and better world of tomorrow. Come lets journey into the future… What will we see?” In this future world we will have learned little from the mistakes of the past, repeating the cycle of historical amnesia, human nature will once again be the strongest motivating factor.”

“In this apocalyptic world there will be a massive equality gap between the haves and the have-nots. A small few will possess all the wealth and will desire the best of the best. Energy will be scarce and expensive, but of little concern for the elite who travel in lavishly styled horse carts, a throwback to the Depression Chariot, and an earlier time in history; all of humanity is moving backwards.”

thanks to Presurfer and Ecorazzi.


  1. At least it's something useful came from all that scrap metal! It's got to be great for business! I wouldn't take a ride in it nonetheless - feel bad for the horses!

  2. I love it!

    It looks cool and has low emissions.

    It's true though, we can't keep pumping out these environment destroying toys for ever.

    The scale will tip eventually.