Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Noam Chomsky Shares his thoughts
on the meaning of Love

from Big Think via Dangerous Minds

Big Think is a website devoted to giving some big brains a platform to spout off on topics meaningful to them, and hopefully to other citizens of this planet we call Earth. With a cadre of boldface names like Ricky Gervais, Robert Wright, Stephen Fry and Ray Kurzweil, Big Think aims to put its readers in touch with… well, big thinkers on topics like sustainability, religion, alternate energy sources, artificial intelligence, history, justice, cultural identity, politics and much more. It is what tends to be called a “heady brew”!

Perusing the site this morning, I watched this sincere short video with M.I.T. professor Noam Chomsky—probably America’s single most important intellectual—discussing the concept of what love is. He admits at the outset that he really doesn’t know, but he takes a good stab at it anyway. Big Think does a great job at fulfilling its mission statement with articles and videos quite akin to TED conference speeches. If you like TED talks (and who doesn’t?) then Big Think is probably a site you’ll want to bookmark, pronto.


  1. Remember when America’s single most important intellectual did a split 7" with one of America's most important punk rock bands?

  2. i'd hardly consider the latter important in any way... But the idea was cool.

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  4. Ok, how about America's most pedantic punk rock band? Most verbose? :)