Friday, May 28, 2010

SKATEBOARD KINGS 1978 - a British documentary crew comes to DogTown

"Skateboard Kings" is a news documentary that was made by a British program called "The World About Us". This episode is about the Skateboard Kings of Southern California, and in particular riders such as the World Champion Tony Alva are featured in their daily lives and exploits in and around DOGTOWN. Ray Flores, Billy Yeron, Paul Constantineau, Jerry Valdez, Shogo Kubo, Kent Senatore, Ellen O'neil, Bob Mohr, Elen Berryman, Kim Cespedes and others. Russ Howell and Stacy Peralta are featured in a bizzare freestyle and safety demonstration. La Costa segment with Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg and John Hutson. There's visits to SkateBoarder Magazine, a few empty pools, a new skatepark, typical DogTown house party, demo's, a visit to the infamous Arizona Pipes, and a skate board manufacturer. This is a "cult classic" special that is hard to find, that's why we've posted here for you all to enjoy and share, for the oldschool hard core skate fanatic.

In fact I posted this on Google Video a few years ago, happy it's still floating around. The BBC asked me for some photos at least 10 years ago, they weren't paying much so i asked them to dig up a VHS copy of this doc. for my archive, i got it. It's pretty laughable, but does have some classic footage and dialog which most of you probably won't believe actually existed. The thing is i remember well the time when they were out working on this program, in fact Billy Yeron and I went back to the backyard pool they emptied for the party session the next morning and shot some cool shots there, the best one I put in FUCK YOU TOO.

My friend, and serious collector of my work, Philippe Petit sent me a photo of the page (actually a signed page proof from the original printing) to post here, since i'm out of town and don't have access to the original. Thanks!

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  1. Skateboard Kings fu%$in rocks, dude!!! BTW, is this movie in the public domain now?