Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GREENPEACE environmental protection clip

Give Earth A Hand
This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs you.


  1. the message that always seems to be missing is that 'earth' is our ecosystem. WE NEED IT TO LIVE. I don't understand why we always separate ourselves from nature. I don't understand why we always shit in our cage.

  2. This clip is interesting. Most of the hands are white in the first part (I want a car, etc). In the second part, all the hands are still white, suggesting that environmental issues are only a middle / upper white class consideration? Especially with the sentence "I want food without destruction" or "Water without pollution", I think most of the hands should have been of "colour". It is well known that the majority of people who suffer/die from diseases related to polluted water or who's environment is destroyed (especially with first generation GMOs) aren't in Occident. So, all this to say that GP is putting out a great message there, but I'm not convinced it is as global as it should be; environmental issues not being the problem of a single country and certainly not of a single race.

    GP does some really good stuff (or used to?), but they sure are trying to be more and more appalling to the white middle class. They stopped going in the Antartic to chase Japanese whalers, they put out cheesy videos (kinda interesting considering most people won't understand the very idea of this video, that we always want too much - I don't say I do either -) and they really insist on their non violent approach. It's interesting to see how a rather extremist group started in the 1970's turned into a "family friendly" and "feel good" organization. Isn't this a good reflexion of this whole generation (baby boomers), who believed in love and revolution and later turned to agressive consumerists and passive citizens?

    Sorry, English obviously isn't my first language.