Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cement that Helps Reduce Pollution

TX Active Building

Italcementi, an Italian cement-making company, has successfully created a new type of cement that may help reduce the levels of pollution in big cities. Enrico Borgarello, Italcementi’s head of research and development, says that the invention can literally “kill” smog and pollution.

This cement, called TX Active, is enhanced with titanium dioxide. Through a natural process called photocatalysis, titanium dioxide takes harmful chemicals such as benzene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide and turns them into harmless substances such as nitrates and water. The process of photocatalysis occurs whenever the titanium dioxide is exposed to sunlight. The cement is also self-cleaning, as the by-products of the reaction easily wash away with rain water.

TX Active

Italcementi claims that if even 15% of buildings in a city were coated in TX Active, it would reduce pollution rates by up to 60%. As a company that normally contributes to the destruction of the environment, Italcementi is very proud to be contributing to reducing such damaging effects, and plans to help clean up even the dirtiest of the world's cities. What do you say?

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  1. This "sounds" like a feasible idea, but A) how expensive is this stuff, B) is it readily and abundantly available, and C) is the pollution not harmful when it washes away back into the ground?

    I would like to know more about this new development.