Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eric B. and Rakim
more in the 80's classic's series

Probably my favorite MC of all time is Rakim. I never really got to know him, although i did get to be friendly with Eric B. eventually. I was just intimidated by these guys like no one else. Eric was like no one else i had ever met, he was "No Joke".

I think it's long overdue that i post as many of their great songs here for y'all to check out. It's been too long that i haven't had a good listen myself. This was hip-hop as art and technique like no one else. I loved putting this post together! (with the little re-hash at the bottom).

These first two tracks are the original versions from the 1st vinyl 12"
(Much better than the album remixes)


Eric B. is President

My Melody

I Know You Got Soul

As The Rhyme Goes On

and a few of those late 80's videos

Obviously, without question, one of the, if not the greatest hip-hop lyricists of all time, Rakim. (a.k.a. the MC of the group Eric B. & Rakim) - Another previously unpublished photo from my archive.


  1. WORD UP!!!
    Eric B & Rakim are my favorite duo as well; and Rakim my favorite MC...

    Thanks for inspiring me to bump Fallow The Leader!! Perfect timing... Glen, keep up the blogging, for you have been my soul inspiration for creating my own a half a year back!!

  2. did I forget about that CD? Got to dig it out now!! "it's as serious as cancer"! Keep up the blogging!