Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's the new shit from Trent Reznor

Believe it or not, I've always liked something about this guys music, I can't pin point it but something has always got me into his work. Never met or seen the guy, but I am a fan.

I'll never forget after Rick Rubin worked with him he told me he was probably the most talented or gifted musician he had ever met. In fact i must give credit where it's due, Rick even bought me his 1st NIN album many years ago after i insisted i had NO interest in hearing it, he insisted I must.

Ok fast forward to 2010, I just read about his newest project over there at Dangerous Minds:
I [Brad Laner] make no bones about my appreciation for Trent Reznor’s work. There is nobody, I say nobody with so large an audience that is more consistently truly experimental in a sonic sense and in visual presentation, more willing to foist micro-tonal scales and layers of clashing dissonance upon a sea of ready and willing ears. I’m really enjoying his new project with his wife [Mariqueen Maandig], named for the classic Coil record, How To Destroy Angels. Go download the spanking new EP for free, no questions asked. It’s a cool treat to hear soft female vocals in this context and I must say it reminds me more than a little bit of Curve, and yes, my old band at times. I always wished back in those days and still do that groups attempting a “shoe-gazey” type of sound would go further in this direction, away from the boring old rock band format, further into the realm of pure electronics where all sounds are truly possible. I also have to say that the cover art image hits me nicely in my fetishist of all things Los Angeles region. Below is the stunning and bloody first video from the project. Whoa ! That brilliant fucker has all bases covered. Always someone to watch.
The Space Between

I agree with Brad. Does it bring the future any closer, I think so. check it out...

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