Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BOLD NATIVE (the movie)
Animal Rights Consciousness for the People

I was invited to a screening of the movie Bold Native earlier this evening, and although it certainly wasn't the best movie I've seen, i was really impressed that it was in fact even made. It had it's great moments among too much cliché - but the fact that more than 20 years since i became vegan i see a motion picture that is not a documentary, made about the animal rights movement really moved me. And it certainly moved everyone in the theater, vegan, vegetarian, animal lover or not.

I have no idea how they even got funding for such a film that looks big time and Indy at the same time, maybe it's just the technology today? I had a few words with the director after the screening and he said it didn't cost much for them to make and they financed it themselves. So then I tell him he's got to get people like my host for the evening, Russell, to speak to people at HBO and call Bill Maher too, this film deserves to be seen and enjoyed, and to be an educational tool like no documentary on the subject can be. For all it's cornball I do believe it's something that the average person can watch and learn from and probably enjoy.

I never became a vegan for the animals, I did it for the environment, and over the years I have become way more sympathetic to the animal rights groups and cause in general, it's just a consciousness that develops i guess over time. This movie slams home that consciousness in a great way. Get to see it or get some one you know who does not yet have the consciousness to see it.

Check out this great editorial from the Director, Denis Henry Hennelly, The Rebirth of Revolutionary Filmmaking

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