Monday, July 12, 2010

X-Clan (another underrated group) you should know ... *

from the album To The East Blackwards, there are at least four incredible songs on this record that you should check out:

"Verbs of Power"

"Heed The Word of the Brother"

"Verbal Milk"

"Day of Outrage"

I love all these tracks!

The X-Clan was from Brooklyn, originally consisting of Grand Verbalizer, Brother J, Professor X the Overseer, Paradise the Architect, and Sugar Shaft the Rhythm Provider. These guys were the O.G. on the Afrocentricity and really took it to another level. The first song is a good example of Brother J's skills and flow as well as the extended intro by Professor X who appeared at the beginning of most songs on the LP. - (Professor X's real name was Lumumba Carson, he died in 2006 after contracting meningitis, he also was the son of famous civil rights activist, Legendary Black Nationalist Figure in Brooklyn Sonny Carson who died in 2002.)

Below is a bad ass clip I found from the 1974 film "The Education of Sonny Carson"

*recycled old post (4/8/09) while i'm in Dublin

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